Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sprinting for the long haul

OK lab date booked for August 9th. There is no time to stray from the prize now. I have been really stoked and thankful for the attendance at the tech sessions I have been hosting. Should be good this Thursday and only better as I round the beginning of Summer.

I have been splitting time between reviewing Cisco360 tech Library and INE Vol 1 for BGP. It seems every time I touch on this beast of a topic I am intimidated at first, but slowly groove into the technology. I know this area needs to be reinforced. A place I am weak that won't allow me to pass unless I strengthen. Simply put, I will see ALOT of BGP on lab day!

I will be down in Vegas for CCBOOTCAMPS mock CCIE lab. I suggest attended to take advantage of last days to get Lab safe. Lab safe and CCBOOTCAMP will let you re sit at no extra fee if you follow through a 360 approved program by June 17. We all know the reality of passing first time round. I think there is un matched value for two sits (...if needed) for the price of one.

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