Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming up stream

It has been quite a while since my last blogs. A couple months have past and I have been spending approximately 10 hours per week going through lectures and gaining access to rack time working on volume 1 technologies courses from company undisclosed. I will lay off the technical aspect this blog but I do want to elaborate what I have noticed through the lab environments.

The lab is not reality! Essentially, the lab layout is meant to test not only fundamental knowledge but also the caveats and gotchas that arise with blending the technologies. This requires a logical layout full of trap doors and pit falls. Hearing about this stuff in a lecture is one thing, configuring the technology is another, but understanding how to anticipate the need for a certain configuration to overcome one of these obstacles takes on a whole new level of awareness. I am starting to understand that the timing aspect of the lab forces one to know the technology at a level where most results should be quickly anticipated prior to entering the configuration. This has been very challenging and ultimately belittling. I guess, in short, the material lends me to take on too much too fast. Practice and consistent reinforcement of what is learned seems to be key. Forgetting is unacceptable.

I have mainly focused on layer 2 connectivity and basic routing (tunnel interfaces and RIP so far). I first attempted to jump straight to OSPF and BGP, these quickly took a back seat to the more remedial technologies. While I might have piled it on heavy from day one, I still don't regret what has been learned and I look forward to visiting OSPF LSA types and BGP route selection when I first get a better grip on the basics of routing advertisements with a protocol like RIP.

Not sure if this blog will be of much help, but just like my studies, time to take some smaller steps. Right now, for this blog, that means getting more material out. I am sure the quality of the content will increase with increased frequency. Such is the case with any application.



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